Inviting Passionate Startups

What Criteria We Are Looking For In A Startup

Scalable Business

We invest in businesses that show us how large they can be, and how they will achieve that scale. The business should be able to cope with challenges efficiently and maintain or increase profits as it grows.

Team Background

The team and members of a company forms the basis of it. So, a good, passionate and efficient team is necessary for long term sustainability.

Business Innovation

We seek businesses that innovate in product or services with a unique business models. We look for businesses that create their own markets or have looked at untapped markets in an unforeseen manner.

Revenue & Traction

Proof of concept should be in place and well accepted in the market. Businesses having Initial traction and starting customer base will be preferred.

Leadership & Passion

We are looking for teams that have the irrational fire in their hearts to accomplish what they’re aiming for with a solid business plan.

Technological Involvement

We seek businesses that have the technological X – Factor to make their product or service irresistible to potential customers and can cater to mass through technology.

Market & Competition

We prefer to work with businesses that have a sense of their competitive space. We prefer markets where there is precedent for the success of new startups and there is a room for more players.

What do we offer?


Help in connecting potential startups with the right investors.


Advise business strategies to forge an accurate path for startups.


We have a collectively huge network in the industry for business growth


Deliver relevant marketing tactics to capture consumer’s behaviour and intent.


The journey will take place in a straightforward and transparent process.

Investment Leads

Through our intensive widespread network and system, Cap70 helps potential startups to connect with investors that fit right with their profile.

Focused Business Strategy

Cap70 Team has an experience of 30+ years in the industry. We, with our knowledge, advice on business strategies to show the right path to start ups.

Business Connects

Cap70 founders are serial angel investors, mentors, and people closely associated with startup ecosystem for a very long time. The founders have collectively huge network in the industry for business growth.

Timely Capturing the Market

We’ve been working for several years now to help marketers develop strategies to deliver relevant marketing experiences that match consumers’ moments of intent.

Visibility and Recognition

The whole journey of acquiring the fund will happen in forefront. The entire process for the startups will be transparent and clear throughout.